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The Next Level...


    Yeah, Right. This is just another in a long line of RIFTS webpages that contain every Munchkin Idea ever contained in a warped players mind.
    Sure there will be some things that "sound" reasonable, Perhaps do-able, but be warned, EVERYTHING on this page can be twisted, manipulated or quoted later to a Power Gamers Advantage.
    Therefore, This site should be the starting block for Power Gamers everywhere, the One resource for people who NEED to WIN at everything they do.
    A Home for those few, proud Munchkins who cheat at solitaire and brag about how fast they won.
    A Forum for those Players who Cry Out for the right to play a Sorcerer-Wizard-Cleric-Bard in D&D3.
    A Shelter for those who never play a rogue scholar unless he also has 3 Major super abilities from Heroes Unlimited.
For these Gamers I Dedicate RIFTWorld, For These are MY People.
   WE Have A Voice!

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